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Improve efficiency and substantially reduce energy, installation, operation and maintenance costs by upgrading to RoMan Heating Transformers.

RoMan Heating Transformers offer several advantages over traditional air-cooled transformers.

Because they are water-cooled, they are smaller and lighter, so they can be installed much closer to the heat source. The close coupling boosts the equipment’s energy-saving properties by helping to reduce electrical losses in the power delivery system. 

The transformers are available in various voltages and frequencies and can be integrated with silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) and insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) controls and saturable reactors. Furthermore, the size and capability of the transformers can be designed to meet your specific application requirements.



Energy wastage is a key manufacturing challenge and one of the biggest factors when calculating total operational costs. As the need to deliver a low-carbon economy grows, sites are under increasing pressure to minimise wastage and operate more energy-efficiently. By reducing electrical losses in the power delivery system, RoMan Heating Transformers deliver this benefit, enabling managers to improve the energy efficiency of their production lines, reduce energy costs, and operate within the remits of government and personal KPI targets.


Production and manufacturing rely on process efficiency to maximise quality output at the lowest possible cost to the business. The close coupling of RoMan Heating Transformers improves the efficiency of the cooling process in a variety of ways, providing superior cooling properties in comparison to traditional air-cooled systems. 


The reduction in running costs is a daily challenge for site managers everywhere. How can you minimise direct operational costs without impacting production? By reducing energy wastage and improving efficiency, RoMan Heating Transformers deliver this cost reduction so lines can produce more for less.


Maintenance is essential to ensure that the equipment required for production is operating at 100 per cent efficiency all the time. This can place a significant demand on staff, but if maintenance is not carried out there can be substantial cost and compliance repercussions. RoMan Heating Transformers reduce the requirement for maintenance through the removal of worn-out water-cooled cables, freeing up maintenance staff and giving site managers one less thing to worry about.


In factory environments, space is a precious commodity. The ability to scale up production is limited by the space available. RoMan Heating Transformers have a smaller footprint, offering valuable space-saving into which production can expand in the future.


We offer RoMan Transformers as either equipment upgrades, retrofits, or as part of a new furnace build, depending on each customer’s specific application requirements.

The IGBT system comes in three sizes to suit a wide variety of systems: HAW4 200A, HCW6 400A and HFW6 600A.

The specification will be established case by case — see the RoMan Heating Transformers product sheet for more information.


The voltage regulating transformer (VRT) on a furnace was rated at 645 kVA and was replaced with a similarly sized RoMan IGBT/mid-frequency direct current (MFDC) system. The retrofit took approximately one week and consisted of removing the VRT and replacing it with our IGBT/MFDC power supply and shortened high-current secondary water-cooled cables.

Other variables remained essentially equivalent. We then measured 3 phase power characteristics near the upstream circuit breaker (incoming power), which was unchanged throughout the retrofit. This provided a clear comparison between the power consumption of a VRT versus an IGBT/MFDC system in an equivalent furnace.

The difference in energy used between the two power supply types is 194kWh over the equivalent heating cycle. In this case, the difference correlates to approximately 38 kW of savings for every hour the furnace is in use

As an example, examine 20 hours of furnace use in a typical day. This equates to 764kWh of daily savings. With a power billing rate of $0.10/kWh, there are $76 savings per day. Over a year of use, just from power (kW) optimisation alone, this furnace will save almost $28,000. Other aspects of cost savings can come from decreased peak demand and power factor charges.

Download the RoMan Transformers Product Sheet

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  • Approved supplier — You already know us and our capabilities
  • Less energy wastage — Operate more sustainably and lower energy costs
  • Greater efficiency — Maximise the value and output of your machines
  • Reduce running costs — Decreased peak demand and power factor charges
  • Minimise maintenance — Through the removal of tired water-cooled cables
  • Footprint reduction — Space-saving compared to large air-cooled transformers