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Improve your medical waste treatment capabilities, elevate your green credentials and boost the efficiency of EFW (energy from waste) feedstock. 

VFE has partnered with Akarmak for the supply, installation, service, calibration and aftercare of Medical Waste Autoclave and Rotoclave equipment for the UK.

Akarmak Autoclaves and Rotoclaves use steam to disinfect or sterilise equipment, certain waste category streams and other objects used by the medical industry for the treatment of healthcare and special waste. The elevated steam temperature and pressure destroy all bacteria, viruses and fungi, and inactivate spores. 

Akarmak’s products are rapidly heating, speeding up operations and reducing cycle times. They penetrate fabrics, improving your versatility by enabling sites to treat a wider variety of materials. Their low maintenance and long life expectancy (20+ years) make them a solid investment with minimal upkeep costs.



“The integrity of our services is paramount,” explains David Byrne, VFE’s CEO, “as is our ability to reassure our customers that they are in safe hands.”

Never is this more true than in the medical waste space. Akarmak Autoclaves and Rotoclaves are widely used and amongst the most dependable autoclave and rotoclave models available to the market. Coupled with their low maintenance requirements, this equipment can be relied upon to operate effectively and efficiently.

As an approved supplier, you already know us and our capabilities. New customers can trust in our commitment to quality, which has contributed to our high customer retention rates — approximately 80% over the last 20 years.


  • Non-toxic

The equipment’s use of elevated steam temperature and pressure to sterilise waste means it is non-toxic. This significantly reduces the health and safety risk to its operators while still delivering certified sterilisation level to International Standards (Robert Koch Institute & STAATT Level IV etc.).

  • Simple and inexpensive to operate and maintain

Many of the key components used in Atarmak’s products have been designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring they are easy to use and maintain. This can be seen in the liquid ring pump used to create the vacuum environment in the pre-vacuum accelerated sterilising systems, resulting in only one rotating assembly, as well as its steam ejectors, which boast no moving parts and practically no wear.

Atarmak’s Medical Waste Autoclaves and Rotoclaves have an extremely low operating cost, approx. 5.5 pence/kg. No consumables needed. The process offers direct site benefits in terms of storage, transport and handling of the outputs as they are sanitised. Furthermore, there is less handling involved than in other sterilisation methods, improving health and safety as well as the efficiency of your operations.

  • Boosts the energy efficiency of EFW feedstock

Atarmak’s autoclaves support continuous flow autoclave processes, enabling glass, stones, and metals to be removed from the waste stream before the ‘cooking’ process begins. This saves considerable energy, labour and equipment costs

After the waste is loaded onto the initial conveyor, the entire process is automated, requiring zero human intervention to clean the inside of the vessel.

  • Friendly to the environment

Building on the system’s non-toxicity, its steam and pressure-based sterilisation methods mean that no foul odours or harmful emissions are produced as a result of the sterilisation process.

The end-product is sterile, shredded and completely harmless, making it acceptable at landfills. Crucially, it also undergoes a volume reduction of up to 90%, helping to keep your site clean and the environment safe.


Through our partnership with Akarmak, VFE can supply and install Medical Waste Autoclave and Rotoclave equipment to businesses throughout the UK.

We also offer a range of Maintenance and Calibration Services to suit your Medical Waste Autoclave and Rotoclave requirements. These include our Standard Service VFE Support Package, a dedicated Autoclave Service, and a UKAS accredited* Calibration Service.

Other services include Retrofit Solutions, either Complete System Overhauls or the addition of Control Systems. Enquire now for more information

*(UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory No.4338

Download the Medical Waste Autoclave Information Sheet

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  • Approved supplier — You already know us and our capabilities
  • Non-toxic — Significantly reducing health and safety risk to the operators
  • Competitively priced — Inexpensive compared to the available alternatives
  • Simple and cost-effective to operate — Improving operability and efficiency
  • Eliminates purchase of expensive consumables — Reducing the cost of your operations
  • Friendly to the environment — No foul odours or harmful emissions