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Automate the shutdown and restart of all your vacuum furnaces, removing your reliance on manual processes and safely reducing your energy costs.

The system automatically and in a safe, predetermined sequence shuts down the vacuum pumping system when the furnace is not in use, removing the reluctance to perform the time-intensive manual shutdown processes.

When operation is required, it automatically restarts the vacuum cycle ready for use, again freeing up operators, improving safety and removing the risk of human error.

If available, the system can switch quench/purge gas from argon to less-expensive nitrogen in response to the loaded program cycle, further reducing costs.

Finally, the system incorporates power monitoring to show power consumed and estimated power saved (in kWh, £ and kg.CO2). This can be downloaded or sent electronically*, making the cumulative energy savings and cost benefits clear to all.

*In conjunction with VFE's remote monitoring system.

For more information, download our energy saving specification sheet by filling in the form below.

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The ability to improve energy savings has direct and significant cost benefits proportionate to the scale of your operations. 

For the electrical-power saving features, VFE has customer feedback of an average £15k saving per year per furnace..

For the gas switching, nitrogen is approximately 25% of the cost of argon so every cycle able to be operated on nitrogen rather than argon will save that proportionate cost (dependent on furnace volume).



Many customers have ISO14001 systems, which require continual improvement.  Not only does this product provide an instant and significant improvement, but the incorporation of the energy-monitoring and logging facilitates further incremental improvements by providing evidence of the positive impact of a change.



Over the course of three days, our engineers will visit your site and install the energy-saving system, a small enclosure containing a standard mini PLC and a small touchscreen HMI for operator monitoring.

Each energy-saving enclosure is pre-wired with terminals for connection into any vacuum furnace. The system functions by shutting down the energy-intensive parts of the furnace after an adjustable idle period and re-starting them as required.

  • Shutdown to automatically occur when the furnaces are not in production
  • Shutdown of high energy-use devices in sequence depending on their status within the heat treatment cycle
  • Documentation, schematics and operational details included for each furnace


  • The supply and fit of the VFE Energy-Saving Panel complete with PLC and colour touchscreen interface, to manage power-consuming device operation and record power consumption with estimates of power saved
  • The installation and commissioning of each upgrade, including testing and demonstration



All furnaces with control systems over 2-3 years old could benefit from the energy-saving system. 

These furnaces are unlikely to be operated via the most current control systems, leading to complex, manual shutdown processes with a high risk of operator error.

If your control systems are much older, the best option would be for a complete control system upgrade, which incorporates these energy-saving features as standard.


While autoclaves typically have fewer items running continually between cycles (or already have auto-shutdown capabilities), the energy monitoring aspect of the system can provide valuable data and insights into the efficiency of the machines (and their running costs).

Additionally, the monitoring and control of cooling and pumping systems may provide benefits, particularly for larger, multi-machine installations, which we could deliver via bespoke energy-saving systems.

For more information, download our energy saving specification sheet by filling in the form above.



  • Approved supplier — You already know us and our capabilities
  • Reduced energy costs — Eliminate idle running costs and power wastage
  • Reduced argon consumption — Switch quench/purge gas to nitrogen
  • Environmental benefits — CO2 reduction improves environmental credentials
  • Power recording — Easily track and monitor total power saved/ROI
  • Automated shutdown and restart — Less reliance on manual processes and human error
  • Total cost of ownership — Reduce your equipment life cycle costs