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Assess the performance and compliance of all your heat treatment equipment with the support of our UKAS accredited* calibration services.

VFE engineers can provide end-to-end maintenance services for any type of furnace or autoclave with every visit. This can include all the required machine calibrations to keep your equipment both in good health and ensure you stay compliant with your customers’ standards.

By choosing VFE’s complete service and calibration package, you will experience greater efficiency to drive accuracy, reduce operating costs and run a more streamlined process. 

*(UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory No.4338)



Our UKAS accreditation (UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory No.4338) covers both laboratory calibrations in our own facility and on-site calibrations at our customers’ premises. We also offer a wide range of calibrations that are traceable to National Standards.

Our UKAS accredited calibrations provide results that you can rely on. Our experienced team can also be your impartial guide to decisions about risk and conformity, helping you to comply with standards such as AMS2750.

This accreditation recognises that we have the competence required to deliver the calibration service you need.



We can perform many types of instrument calibrations at our premises or on your site, including devices measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum, electrical properties and time.


  • Vacuum furnaces

  • Autoclaves

  • Ovens

  • Hot presses

  • Environmental chambers 

  • Hypobaric chambers

  • Fridges/freezers

  • Incubators

  • Spray booths

  • Hot drape formers


  • Electronic thermometers

  • Temperature sensors

  • Temperature loggers

  • Hygrometers

  • Humidity loggers

  • Pressure gauges and transmitters

  • Vacuum gauges and transmitters

  • Chart recorders

  • Temperature indicators

  • Ammeters

  • Volt meters

  • Thermocouples

  • Resistance Temperature Devices

  • Process calibrators

  • Thermocouple simulators



Calibration of a device which takes a signal reading from a sensor and converts it to a measurement for control, recording or monitoring, using a series of known simulated inputs.

The comparison of the output of a device used to measure pressure with that of another pressure measurement device, or pressure measurement standard.

The calibration of any device used in a system that is capable of measuring pressure below about 1x10−2 mbar down to 1x10-5 mbar absolute.

The unit under test is a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple or a temperature measurement system such as the thermocouple and instrument together.

Thermocouple Calibration
Typically performed in a laboratory, the sensor to be calibrated is immersed in a stable temperature environment such as a dry metal block, an oil bath or a furnace.

The reference temperature for comparison is determined by a secondary standard thermocouple or thermometer.

In-Situ Comparison/System Accuracy Test
Generally performed to assure the accuracy of control and recording instruments in each control zone in furnaces, ovens, etc.

An independent system consisting of a recording instrument and thermocouple sensor(s) is used to monitor and record data during a typical heating cycle while comparing the readings with the resident control system.

The purpose of the test is to detect and quantify any deviation in furnace instrument accuracy to determine if they are within acceptable limits.

Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), is the process of mapping the temperature variance throughout the working volume of a furnace, autoclave or oven

Pyrometry standards such as AMS2750 and many other customer requirements set the tolerances for the equipment performance to ensure it is capable of processing parts as intended. The method and frequency must comply with the requirements, not just the results.

The method and frequency must comply with the requirements, not just the results.

Relative Humidity (%rh) is the measurement of how saturated a gas (typically air) is with water relative to the maximum saturation possible for the given temperature and pressure. 

Measurement and control of this can be critical in pharmaceutical, food, electronics and materials handling and manufacturing. 

It is important for many different thermal processes that accurate measurement of elapsed time takes places. This is true for cycles run in furnaces, autoclaves and other similar equipment.

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  • Approved supplier — You already know us and our capabilities
  • Reduced downtime — End-to-end equipment support (Service, Repair and Calibration)
  • We can repair your equipment — Most calibration companies cannot
  • Single point of contact — Faster service and consistent performance
  • UKAS accredited* — A recognised standard by your customers and auditors (*UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory No.4338)
  • Total cost of ownership — Reduce your equipment life cycle costs